Intermittent Fasting for Women: The Simplified Guide for Weight Loss. Increase Your Energy and Promote Longevity Even if You Are Over 50, With 16/8 Method … 21 Keto Recipes Included! (English Edition)





Do you see yourself fat?
Do you feel old?
Do you have health problems and can’t understand why?

I’ll tell you a secret … it all depends on your diet.
Yes, you probably already knew, but we are what we eat.

There are hundreds of diets to choose from and maybe you have already tried some but with poor results. This is because you have not tried the queen of diets, the most effective. The intermittent fasting!

If carried out in the right way this diet is able to make countless changes in your body and quality of life, and in a very short time.

In this book I will teach you:
– how to plan fasting
– how to stop it
– quick and easy recipes to integrate into your diet
– what are the most common mistakes made during fasting and how to avoid them
– and much more..

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