Keto Cookbook Top 500 Ketogenic Recipes: The Absolute Best 500 Ultra Low Carb Ketogenic Recipes for Maximum Fat Loss (English Edition)





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Not having enough tasty and healthy recipes can cause us to cut corners when it comes to sticking with a healthy ketogenic diet. We start to rely on microwave “tv style” dinners, greasy takeout, and worst of all: highly refined carbs. But we all live busy lives these days and that shouldn’t mean we can’t enjoy healthy and delicious ketogenic meals three times a day. This cookbook contains 500 ketogenic recipes so there is something for every taste and preference! What would having 500 amazing ketogenic recipes at your fingertips do to help you shred fat and optimize your health?
When you have enough recipes to enjoy ketogenic meals every day for months, you will save time, money, energy, and most importantly you’ll make healthy eating the “path of least resistance” for you and your family. With 500 keto recipes, the Keto Cookbook Top 500 Ketogenic Recipes makes it so easy to enjoy healthy, fresh ketogenic meals that are bursting with flavor even on your busiest days.
This Keto Cookbook Top 500 Ketogenic Recipes features:

  • 500 Ketogenic Diet Recipes for effortless keto cooking on autopilot

  • Full Nutritional Info for Every Recipe so you can easily keep your carbs, fats, and overall nutrition in check

  • Easy Index So You Can Find the Perfect Recipe in Seconds Including Chapters for Breakfast, Beef, Pork, Red Meat, Poultry, Seafood, Veggies, Desserts

  • Useful Reference Guides that feature helpful charts for measurements, temperatures, and conversions so everything you need to know is right at your fingertips

As a long time ketogenic recipe developer, Angelica Nova has an understanding of the Ketogenic Diet that is second to none. Join her as she gives you the blueprint for enjoying healthy and delicious keto recipes for every s