Keto Fat Bombs: 40 Savory Keto Fat Bombs Recipes to Lose Weight by Eating Keto Snacks (English Edition)





Explode Your Energy with Keto Fat Bombs

If you want to regain your health without starving yourself… then you need to start eating fat bombs as part of your keto meal plan. Every fat bomb is a good source of energy. What is more the keto fat bomb recipes will provide you with a consistent energy flow while staying on a low-carb keto diet and consuming healthy fats!

Keto Fat Bombs Cookbook includes:

  • 40 tasty savory keto fat bombs snacks
  • Lots of fat bomb recipes and ideas about how to prepare keto fat bomb
  • Keto fat bombs for beginners guide with simple ingredients
  • Fat bombs savory recipes that are perfect for Paleo, Ketogenic, Low-Carb and High-Fat Diets
  • Colorful images and much more