Keto for Migraine: Keys to the Ketogenic Diet for Migraine Sufferers (The Physicians Guide to Holistic Migraine Relief) (English Edition)





Follow the plan that thousands around the world have used to maximize the migraine-busting benefits of keto, while avoiding all the common mistakes.

Weight loss without suffering. Elimination of brain fog and a clearer mind. Boundless energy.

These are a few of the commonly reported benefits of a ketogenic diet.

But as many with chronic migraine have discovered, it also offers the promise of relief from recurring, debilitating head pain.

Yet, there are countless ways to «go keto.» Some of those ways are great for the migraine brain.

And some are not.

Based on Dr. Turknett’s work with thousands of migraine sufferers going keto, the Keto for Migraine plan has been designed to maximize the benefits of keto for the migraine brain, while avoiding the common mistakes.

Part of the Physicians Guide To Holistic Migraine Relief, Keto for Migraine is the definitive guide to the ketogenic diet for migraine sufferers.

In Keto for Migraine, you’ll learn:

  • Why the typical version of keto can make migraines worse.
  • The keys to maximizing the benefits of keto for the migraine brain.
  • Why the Keto for Migraine plan is such a powerful weapon against migraine.
  • When is the right time to go keto?
  • How long to stay on a ketogenic diet.
  • The benefits of ketosis for the migraine brain.
  • The surprising truth about how keto impacts blood cholesterol testing
  • How to maximize weight loss on the Keto for Migraine plan.


«I wish I could hand deliver this book to every migraine sufferer…I have my life back! No more meds, even when I travel! I have not taken a triptan, A