Keto Instant Pot Cookbook: 1000 Tailored Days of Instapot Ketogenic Diet (English Edition)





A Tailored Solution for Instant Pot Keto Diet lovers: Create your own Keto Diet
ALL RECIPES WITH COLOUR PICTURES: Create a Bespoke Keto Diet for Beginners

You may be wondering, but how is this possible? How?

Thinking of starting a Keto Diet of are already in one? This is your book. Why? Read on…

A Keto Diet Instant Pot Cookbook for Beginners and Advanced users:
1000 Days of Instant Pot Keto Diet Recipe Cookbook

You may be wondering how to take a keto diet, or maybe you feel a bit lost with so much information out there, and cookbooks with incomplete instructions, recipes that do not cover your needs, and most annoyingly, never ending blurb that never gets to the point.

This is over because in the 1000 Day Keto Diet for Beginners you have covered:

• A guide on how to get your Keto diet Calories and Macros calculated bespoke to your needs.

• 1000 Days’ worth of ketogenic diet schedules for a variety of needs that will cover your requirements.

FULL COLOUR professionally taken pictures. All recipes include beautifully shot images.

• Recipes including two cooking versions: You will not stop cooking because a recipe does not fit to your needs.

Nutritional values for all recipes and snacks included and summarized in detailed tables.

Beautiful layout: Easy to follow recipes with all the info you need, including replacement for certain ingredients

Macros and calories detailed, so you never have any doubts about what to eat.

• The added eating schedules include a wide range of calorie requiremen