Keto Vegetarian: The Beginners Guide for Weight Loss Solution. Vegetarian, Ketogenic Diet and Plant Based Diet. Lose Weight, Balance Hormones, Boost Brain Health. Disease. (English Edition)





Keto Vegetarian Diet Book Description

«The ketogenic vegetarian diet can positively transform the lives of the sick. »

Do you have severe chronic migraines or thinking of how to lose weight? You have been diagnosed – or to a loved one – with cognitive decline, Alzheimer’s disease, Parkinson’s disease or Charcot’s disease, and are profoundly thinking how to fight the disease as best as you can, what to do in combination with conventional treatments to all the chances on your side?

From today, you could opt for a targeted diet, The Ketogenic Vegetarian Diet; with this diet, you experience a very little carbohydrate, a lot of fat, enough protein.

This type of diet rebalances cerebral biochemistry and helps to fight inflammation, pain and early death of neurons: the best fuel for your brain is not sugar, it’s are ketones, compounds derived from fats.

The Ketogenic Vegetarian Diet has been designed to treat a variety of diseases. When it comes to diets and strategies, the Ketogenic Vegetarian Diet is the perfect option for you. This is mainly because it is a diet that allows you to eat fat – by being a diet high in fat and very low in carbohydrates – while helping to be healthy, and also to lose weight!

In this book «Keto Vegetarian,» you have the golden opportunity to learn:

– The History of the Ketogenic Vegetarian Diet
– How Keto Vegetarian Is Different from Other Diets
– The Science Behind the Ketogenic Vegetarian Diet
– What Are the Health Benefits of a Ketogenic Vegetarian Diet?
– Issues That May Come Up with A High-Fat Diet
– Tips and Tricks for Transitioning to A Keto Vegetarian Lifestyle
– How to Start a Keto Vegetarian Diet?
– Who Benefits the Most from A Ketogenic Vegetarian Diet? And Many Others

It is a known fact that the ketogenic vegetarian diet allows you to enter the state of ketosis, that’s