LIBRO DE COCINA DE POSTRES KETO(KETO DESSERTS COOKBOOK): Recetas Fáciles Y Rápidas De Galletas, Pasteles Y Postres Bajos En Carbohidratos Y Sin Exceso … Energía De Forma Saludable(Spanish Version)





★★SPANISH 2021 VERSION★★Are you terrified of having to give up any sweets during your dieting period?Are you afraid of attending parties, conventions, weddings, or simply get-togethers with friends without finding anything good for your diet regime?Do you want to drive out of your head daily cravings that relentlessly challenge your weight loss goal?Then this cookbook is the perfect solution for you!Your customers will never stop reading this amazing book!We all know that one of the most complicated things to do when dieting is to submit to a strict but at the same time demeaning restriction of sugar use.However, we don’t have to give up all these pleasures of life forever.The idea of enjoying a slice of cake, a sweet dessert without sugar and without carbohydrates may initially leave you speechless.No. No panic. What if I told you that you can achieve the same delicious result without the use of carbohydrates?In fact, this book contains many dessert recipes that are exquisitely easy to replicate and enjoy at any occasionYour taste buds will rejoice at the very thought!Here are some of the recipes you’ll find inside: Cheesecake De Calabaza Keto.Galletas De Chocolate KetoGalletas Keto De Nueces En Forma De Media Luna.Brownies Keto.Muffins de Doble Chocolate Keto.Fondue De Chocolate Con Mantequilla De Maní.Cuadrados De Maní Con Moras.Macaroons De Coco.Mousse De Chocolate Keto. And many other low-carb desserts …….. Are you really tired of following ineffective diets that have instilled in you a complete ban on sweets or anything containing sugar?This book will guide you in a tremendously simplified way to find the best possible combinations needed for your new lifestyle without having to give up the pleasure of taste.So, what are you waiting for? ★★Buy it NOW and let your customers get addicted to this Amazing Book!★★