Libro de Cocina Keto Bajo Carbohidratos: Recetas fáciles sin gluten y bajas en carbohidratos para perder peso, mejorar tu salud y revertir enfermedades





This book contains proven steps and strategies on how you can successfully transition into the Keto Low Carb diet. You’ll also discover how you can eat to your heart’s content, still lose weight, and become healthier.Moreover, you’ll learn the advantages of reducing your carbohydrate intake. Likewise, this book will also explain and reveal how to deal with the side effects. Lastly, we also provide you with Low Carb diet recipes, which you can utilize right away!Some recipes featured in this book:Chicken Drumsticks in Capocollo Spiced Duck GoulashMediterranean Roasted Chicken DrumettesItalian Asiago and Pepper Stuffed TurkeyKeto PestoPortobello Mushrooms Chicken Ramen DipItalian Turkey Meatballs with Leeks What you are waiting for?Grab you copy now and learn everything you need to know about the ketogenic diet to start losing weight as soon as tomorrow!