Libro de Cocina Vegano De Keto: ¡Lleva tu cocina vegana al siguiente nivel! Recetas veganas rápidas y sencillas para satisfacer sus antojos saludablemente y perder peso rápidamente ( SPANISH VERSION )





★ 55% OFF for Bookstores! LAST DAYS! ★Do you want to know the benefits of going vegan?A Vegan diet is now very popular and sounds attractive. Based on studies, one of the most effective ways you can boost your energy levels, prevent chronic diseases, and improve your health is to start a vegetarian plant-based diet. Changing one’s nutrition is considered to be an effective way to live longer and reduce the risk of falling sick.This book is packed with recipes for breakfast, lunch, dinner, dessert, and everything in between to not only make this a healthy journey but a tasty one too! Also included is a detailed shopping list and information on the foods you should avoid and those that are good for you.Only a few people understand what a vegan diet is or what it can mean for their health. Instead of a diet rich in fruits and vegetables, the typical American diet is rich in meat, fat and dairy. This way of eating has worsened with each generation. As this trend grows, so do the waistlines of many people. Instead, a vegan diet is a healthy alternative. Whether you eat vegan food for a short time or continue a lifetime, veganism can be a valuable lifestyle change.The vegan diet is famous for its health benefits and especially for weight loss. Many people have made a vegan diet to lose weight and have succeeded.Lose weight, enjoy more energy, and feel good by making a difference in vegetarianism. But before starting a vegan diet, you may be looking for a healthy and healthy diet to lose weight, and there are some things you should understand.Many people find that by adjusting their vegan diet, their taste buds no longer need to taste functional foods. Things can be sweeter with less sugar and even desserts a little better.If you plan the vegan diet sensibly and politely, you can be sure that it is safe and healthy. You need to ensure that you are eating a variety of different foods every day to ensure that you are receiving optimal nutrition – but hey, you need to do this on any diet. If you regularly eat vegan junk food, obviously your health is suffering.This book covers:The Benefits of a Vegan DietBasics to Include in your Kitchen and Shopping ListVegan RecipesAnd much more!!!★ 55% OFF for Bookstores! LAST DAYS! ★ You will Never Stop Using this Awesome Cookbook! Buy it NOW and get addicted to this amazing book