Original Meringue Cookies 70g ℮ 2.5oz – Mughe Gourmet Keto Friendly Snacks Variety Pack – Sweet Treats – Fat Free Halal Cookies (Chocolate Fresa Limon)




✅ PREMIUM INGREDIENTS: Made with quality egg whites only these mini-meringues will be sure to satisfy your sweet tooth. We use the best ingredients, no preservatives, artificial colors or flavors.


Original Meringue Cookies 70g ℮ 12.5oz – Mughe Gourmet Snacks Variety Pack – Mix Flavor Sweet Treats – Fat Free Halal Cookies Mughe Gourmet Mini Meringues , light-as-a-feather texture, with a delicious flavour and crisp, Our Mini Meringues are perfect melt-in-the-mouth meringues for desserts and teatime treats. Ingredients: Sugar, pastorized egg whites, natural flavouring Vanilla, chocolate, lemon, strawberry