Smoothie Queen: 30 Days Plan Guide of Keto Smoothie Recipes for Beauty and Cleanse (English Edition)





Whether you want to cleanse, lose weight, or just make sure you get your daily dose of minerals and essential vitamins, drinking a healthy smoothie is a delicious way to improve your health with Smoothie Queen cookbook.

The recipes are easy and fast to make and also have wonderful pictures.

This book is made for people who want to start to love themselves again – and having more time, more energy, a better body, and a zero belly. And more fresh, natural food in the diet is the best way to start doing so!

All the Smoothie Queen Keto Recipes are designed to make you feel happy – once you’ve started to include smoothie shakes in your diet regularly; you’ll wonder how you ever survived without them.

Who is she – the Smoothie Queen?

She is the one that draws energy from fresh fruit and turns it into radiant beauty, healthy glowing skin, lightness, and grace.

This is an incredible combination of BEAUTY and HEALTH, charm, and freshness!

The world of Smoothie Queen consists of bright and tasty colors, sweet and tonic fruits, the diversity of which gives her the opportunity to discover a new feeling every time, a feeling of flying and happiness!

A simple sip of smoothie makes her day, discovers new colors for her, and gives her an amazing mood.

Accept the Smoothie Queen challenge, and she will give you new delicious sensations!

The book includes:

  • Basics of the keto diet and how to prepare for it;
  • Smoothies for weight loss;
  • 50 useful recipes of:
  • Green sm