The Keto Slow Cooker: Easy, Healthy and Low Carb Ketogenic Recipes for Weight Loss (ketogenic diet book, ketogenic diet books for beginners, slow cooker … (Life with Keto Book 3) (English Edition)





Looking for a cookbook that will help you combine the convenience of a slow cooker with your ketogenic lifestyle? Or do you want to get a book with a wide range of best slow cooker recipes, which are easy to prepare and at the same time surprisingly delicious?

This Keto Slow Cooker Cookbook is an incredible resource for people who want to stick to a healthy slow cooker diet and enjoy a wide variety of dishes.

A ketogenic diet is one of the preferred weight loss diets, and a slow cooker makes keto-food convenient. The ketogenic diet can help you lose weight and improve overall health. Scientific studies show that a ketogenic diet can reduce the risk of heart disease and diabetes.

Besides, in The Ketogenic Diet Slow Cooker Cookbook you will know all the information you need on your multicooker, including how to use it and get the most out of it. Often you will find cookbooks that mention a slow cooker but use other kitchen utensils. On the contrary, each of these recipes, described in the cookbook, applies a slow cooker and uses only ketogenic diet products.

In this low carb slow cooker cookbook discusses how in the state of ketosis, fat is converted into ketone bodies for use as energy instead of glucose.

This slow cooker book recipe contains:

• Information on creating and maintaining a correct ketogenic diet

• List of useful and inappropriate products

• Culinary tips for efficient use of a slow cooker

• These recipes from the available products. Each recipe contains information about the necessary products, time and step-by-step instructions for cooking, the caloric content of the finished dish and color photo.

In my Keto Slow Cooker book recipes you will find delicious recipes for cooking:

Breakfast Recipes

Salads and Snacks Recipes

Poultry Recipes

Lamb, Beef and Pork Recipes

Fish and Seafood Recipes