The Keto Therapy: Over 180 AIP, Paleo, Dairy-Free, Non-Gluten, Whole and Grain-less Allergy-Friendly Ketogenic recipes for healing and weight loss (English Edition)





Over 180 AIP, Paleo, Dairy-Free,-Gluten-Free, Whole, Nut-Free and Grain-Free Allergy-Friendly Ketogenic recipes for healing and weight loss (With Pictures)

Doubling up on Keto and Healthy feeding can be a fantastic way to improve your immune system, promote gut health and lose weight while watching your allergies
There are a lot of people following a keto diet who, to my way of thinking, still consume processed foods and sweeteners which don’t raise blood glucose but which could lead to an autoimmune flare. These same individuals may also consume sugar in foods which have low overall carbs.
Cutting out potentially harmful content like Gluten, Dairy, soy while emphasizing on weight loss seems impossible especially since most of the ketogenic recipes are diary related.
After 18 years of fighting multiple autoimmune diseases with traditional western meds, I was to a point where the meds no longer helped. My doctor said there was nothing that could help.
I researched and found different diets that could help majorly the Autoimmune Paleo Diet Protocol and the Paleo Diet itself. Within a month I was off all meds and felt better than in years. (This was 2 years ago.) I’ve stayed with it but have flares as illness or anxiety/worry get the better of me.
I come from a family with strong ancestral allergy, I have multiple autoimmune diseases, my mum is highly gluten sensitive, Lactose/Dairy protein intolerant and diabetic. And this has led to so many health issues that pushed us to transit from one diet to another including Whole30, Veganism, Paleo but its either the diet takes care of my health issue without significantly reducing weight or vice versa
Generally, The Keto Therapy focuses on the use of whole, paleo, nutrient-dense and clean foods for healing purposes while unhealthy processed and packaged food will be seriously eliminated in this diet. This helps to:

  • Provide abundant energy