The Keto Vegan: 87 Low-Carb Recipes For A 100% Plant-Based Ketogenic Diet (Nutrition Guide) (The Carbless Cook Book 4) (English Edition)





Delicious low-carb recipes for rapid weight loss and more energy, 100% plant-based!

This book is your complete guide to the ketogenic vegan diet.

Learn all you need to know about ketosis, low-carb ingredients, and efficient weight loss. Fire up the stove and prepare 87 tasty plant-based dishes. Get in shape and feel empowered!

This book is perfect, if you want to learn everything you need to know about the plant-based ketogenic diet. All recipes are virtually carbless and include nutrition facts, allergy tags & storage info. Get inspired by the appetizing photographs and make your low-carb journey a walk in the park with appetizing breakfasts, shakes, lunches, dinners, snacks and more!

Discover what a ketogenic vegan diet can do for you. The book comes with an extensive list of ketogenic vegan ingredients, essential amino acid- & alcohol info, and ketosis tips.

The ketogenic vegan diet helps to:

  • Decrease cravings by eating (healthy) fats
  • Speed up weight loss or lean gains
  • Increase good- and decrease bad cholesterol levels
  • Stabilize blood sugar and insulin levels
  • Improve brain functions, energy levels, and body composition
  • Save animal lives, improve the environment and make you a responsible human being!

Take control with this nutrition guide including 87 tasty recipes!