The Keto Vegetarian: 14-Day Ketogenic Meal Plan Suitable for Vegans, Ovo- & Lacto-Vegetarians (The Carbless Cook Book 3) (English Edition)





The 14 & 28-Day Blueprint to Rapid Weight Loss!

Master the ketogenic vegetarian diet with 2 customizable weekly meal plans.

Learn all you need to know about ketosis and efficient weight loss. Fire up the stove and prep 55 delicious, virtually carbless lacto- & ovo-vegetarian and plant-based dishes that include nutrition facts & storage info.

This customizable meal plan is 100% fool-proof and perfect for you if you want to lose weight effortlessly with a ketogenic vegetarian diet. The meal plan is also suitable for vegans and fits an egg- & dairy-free regimen. Each day of the plan includes breakfast, lunch, dinner and two snack servings; for 1600 and 2000 kcal/day.

Excite your taste buds, prep in advance and kickoff burning ketones & fat!

The meal plan consists of 2 weekly plans that can be used for 14 & 28 days or consecutive throughout the year. Shopping lists are included & downloadable.