VEGAN KETO DIET FOR BEGINNERS: The definitive ketogenic plant-based cookbook made simple, over 65 easy to prepare recipes included. Your meal plan for … fat burn with keto diet (English Edition)





You heard about the keto diet, but you don’t know how to apply it in your life?

Do you need some advises about the most suitable foods for you?

You need some good recipes easy to make?

You are vegetarian and want to follow a healthy diet based on vegetables and fruits?

Then you arrived in the right place!

We see everywhere information about diets that contains different types of meat. But it is rare to see a diet book for vegan people.

A vegan keto diet has powerful effects on weight loss and overall health. Its purpose is to give up on meat and substitute it with veggies.

Several health benefits are associated with vegan and ketogenic diets, but no studies are focused specifically on a ketogenic vegan diet. Now it exists and you will find it in this book! It contains details about food and how to use it, but also about choosing the right amount for you!

Here it is what you will learn with book

  • What is the vegan keto diet

  • How to lose weight with a vegan keto diet

  • Which are the health benefits of following a vegan keto diet

  • The most tasty recipes for a vegan keto diet

…and much more!

Give up on meat is difficult because the modern world and his suggestions about meals are most of them based on meat of different types. But if you really wish to stay away from them, this book is all you need to make the right choices for your diet!

Are you ready? Then scroll down the page, push the buy button and begin walking on the road of a healthier lifestyle!